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This is a new composition I made using FL Studio and EWQL Symphonic Orchestra. The idea was to make it as simple as possible, with a few chords playing and adding instruments as the piece progresses. I think it turned out pretty nice. All feedback is appreciated!

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Heya !

I like it a lot ! The first minute sounds especially epic to me !

I'm going to have to check your previous works now !!

Thank you very much! If you do, I hope you'll notice some improvement from the other compositions to this one. I tried to use the feedback people gave me to improve the music. Thank you again!

Thanks for you interest Bob Porter. I felt this piece of music to be very soft, and calm. Related to something sweet but kinda sad also, I was thinking about the sky at night. A friend of mine gave me the idea of the picture with the Aurora, I thought it fitted perfectly. About the length, I also thought about making this longer, once I had the structure and the ideas I wanted to try, but as I began to finish it, I felt that adding more length would make it a bit redundant, although it does feel a bit short. Thank you very much for listening and being interested!

I know, I was also thinking about a definite ending when I was about to finish de composition, but once I made the non-fade out ending, I thought it didn't fit as good as I expected, so I tried a different ending with a subtle fade out.

Chris Burridge said:

Its a lovely piece, very atmospheric! The only thing i would say is i'd like to hear more of a definite ending than a fade out, but thats just me! :)

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