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(Atonal Pieces for Unconventional Orchestra) Ambulance Ride Movement I and Finale

Note: Audio Files are not verbatim.  I didn't even know this section of the forum existed, or I would have been using it this whole time!  I want to neaten my portfolio, so lets start with these pieces.  I know some instruments are omitted, like viola).  How could I make these cleaner and/or better (to submit to orchestras/competitions and undergrad programs)?  I'm looking for critiques that are some objective than subjective (someone was trolling me the other day and was really pretty miserable to deal with).  This doesn't mean not to be subjective, just be less subjective :).

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Can I ask, what do you like about your pieces? I'm not trying to be mean but in all your pieces there is no form, the instruments you've chosen are NOT written in an idiomatic way, they are too short, do not go or do anything, too short, and just sound bad. What is your main instrument, have you played in ensembles, why do you want to compose or even thinking about majoring in music?

I think you have a very narrow view of "form".  Also, I listened to some of your music and I really couldn't stand it, but "I'm not trying to be mean" either.  I've had interviews at some of the best schools in the United States (one interviewing only about 10% of comp applicants) so I know I'm not as bad as you're saying I am.  I am new to this style though, which you caught on to.  Here is another one of my pieces that is a little more "traditional": .

Sorry for making an assumption about your music after not listening to the entire piece.

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