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Hi!  New to this forum and have been enjoying some of the music on here.  

I would like to submit a piece I have just finished mixing.  This is intended as production music for TV/Film.  

Any thoughts or comments regarding the composition, orchestration, and/or mix would be appreciated.

Also If it brings to mind any tv show or film, that would be appreciated as well.



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I think this music would work very well as music under credits for a Crime Drama- very aptly named and very well done :)

Thanks so much for posting.

Thanks Bob

Thanks for the feedback, Dave.  I'm using EWQL, Hollywood Strings and Symphonic Orchestra.  I am in the process of learning how to use EQ, Compression, etc, on Garageband.    

I have very light EQ and compression on each instrument.  Should I perhaps back those off and just rely on the EQ and compression on the mix bus alone?  I never know if I should apply plugins to the EWQL instruments.

Indeed, I would love to get in front of an orchestra.

Thanks very much for your feedback and your candor.  Much appreciated.

Thanks very much, Bob.  I appreciate the feedback.  I'm in the process of learning how to mix correctly and can use all the feedback I can get.  

Bob Morabito said:

I think this music would work very well as music under credits for a Crime Drama- very aptly named and very well done :)

Thanks so much for posting.

Thanks Bob

Yes, as you mentioned, I have read that the EWQL instruments are ready to use "out of the box", but I'm not proficient enough to know how justified this is.  I definitely want to upgrade from Symphonic Orchestra and their single instrument brass and ww.  

I try to use as little volume automation as I can and rely mostly on the dynamics of the instruments alone, as that seems like it would be the more realistic approach.  But, sometimes I guess you gotta do what you gotta do.  I'm learning.

I've hung in there with the GB as I'm learning the basics.  I tend to get distracted by bells and whistles - ha.  But, I want to upgrade to Logic or ProTools.  Do you prefer Logic to ProTools?




Thanks for the feedback.  Ah. I think I see what you're saying.  It would serve to differentiate some between the main line and the figure?  Is that right, or am I missing it?

Biggles said:

I generally enjoyed your thinking on this cue maybe because I’m old enough to remember the period it’s based on :(
Normally I would comment on the tools and mixing but in this case I have to ask you the question, do you know there are other note lengths than crochet and quaver? I’m sure you do but you haven’t used them here. I just think the main line would flow better by using a lengthened note on the repeated figure creating a less stepping effect. I usually find singing the line to myself helps in making little adjustments in how any instrument player would better phrase the line.

Just a thought


Ah.  Gotcha.  I see what you're saying.  Definitely catches the ear.  Thanks!

Biggles said:

Simply this attached example of my thoughts and any such variation you would come up with yourself just to break up the repeating pattern.


Very nice.  And much appreciated.  I'm familiar with how the timbre changes with the velocity, but I am always open to learning more.  Thanks very much for your help.  :)    What a great forum this is!

Hi Charley, very good, agree with the Crime/Drama.

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