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Are Film Composers really to be compared to 'REAL' composers?

Now maybe some folks here will get this right away because they are really into their music but I doubt that will be the case for those too quick to put down the humble film composer as producing and selling themselves to a lower form of art and craft.

This is not at all my idea of listening pleasure but for me, this composer is a giant.

Now I've posted the piece in soundcloud and locally with an mp3 file so as it can be listened to with differing hardware.

'hope y'all enjoy

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Wait.. there are film composers? composers :)

Gods! I do hope they write fugues.

Ray said: composers :)

Oh...just a guided thought,
When he got pissed did he have Vertigo to get home.
What a great piece.
No wait...Simon and Garfunkel, oh hell, I've no idea..still a good piece though.
I can't figure out how to give a clue without giving the game away but I can tell you this piece was composed in the mid 50's. Now was that dates or age?
Without wiki google web searches, I'm stumped. Last throw - Tiompkin, Katchaturian, Morricone (nahh), Malcom Arnold?
Tells me something about my listening habits though Ray, I certainly do not know much concert music by film composers, apart from Williams and perhaps one or two other pieces. They are somewhat neglected, perhaps they are 'tarnished' by the media work, who knows, but there is undoubtedly a wealth of great personal music waiting to be found. Also, because of the relative obscurity and the nature of film writing, it might make discerning a personal style a little harder - that's my excuse anyway......anymore clues?
If I gave you the title of this piece you would get it. I'll post another example 30 years on from this first one later today.
Obviously this is a relatively recent album recording by someone other than the composer.

Okay here is another more recent example of this composers work


such an inventive piece and yes of courseI liked it. No bloody idea who wrote it though. It feels (can't explain why) european, perhaps Rota, a (not so) educated stab as I don't know if he even did atonality, but was an ace film scorer, european because that's where this style emanated from.  It's just depressing how much good music is neglected, even by established names. Perhaps there are too many composers in the world...and its certainly the pesky 20th/21st C language that alienates far too many. At least there are recordings, which seems to be the only way a piece can survive these days.

Too many composers? 

Do we suppose that what music we have from, say, the Baroque is the best there was? How many far better pieces where performed once and then lost, we will never know. I think we rely on recordings far too much. Isn't it interesting that for so long, it was the goal of every pop group to get a record contract. Oh, and then they had to go out on the road and perform almost as an afterthought. As well as promote the recording. I'm not saying I have an answer. Just an observation. 

Oh, and I don't have a clue who the composer is.

Bob, I'll let Mike answer your question on composer numbers but towards your other question. Once upon a time, the only way to make any money was to perform. We're heading back to that position very quickly.

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