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Are Film Composers really to be compared to 'REAL' composers?

Now maybe some folks here will get this right away because they are really into their music but I doubt that will be the case for those too quick to put down the humble film composer as producing and selling themselves to a lower form of art and craft.

This is not at all my idea of listening pleasure but for me, this composer is a giant.

Now I've posted the piece in soundcloud and locally with an mp3 file so as it can be listened to with differing hardware.

'hope y'all enjoy

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I think musicians should get paid more for performing.

Only if they put the effort into producing a good performance :)
and Bob, you missed my clue :)

Bob Porter said:

I think musicians should get paid more for performing.

Come on folks, this composer is a relatively recent Oscar winner for one of their many many film scores.
This should be an absolute giveaway.
Okay, anyone surprised?
I was, well done John.

No fair, Ray. The music from "The Hateful Eight" doesn't seem at all like the examples you offered. Not that I'd be able to tell anyway.

Oh I think you can tell, that is, as long as you haven't blown your brains out on trumpet.
Could be. I have hearing aids on order.

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