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Anyone here have any experience working with Music Libraries?

I'm in the process of finalising a couple of collections of tracks in different moods/ genres ready to package up and submit to music libraries.

Anybody here have any experience dealing with libraries? Any good/ bad experiences you can share?

I've done a fair bit of research online and there seem to be some very polarised views around music library engagement!

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Hi, Matt,

There's a discussion I found interesting (only very recently fell off the bottom of the main page) about good mid-market sample libraries/users' opinions, started by Timothy Smith. It may be worth a look in - and by all means add to it if you feel inclined. Several libraries were discussed including Miroslav, Spitfire, VSL Special Editions and others and broadened out in various ways.

Thanks Dane, I was actually referring to Production Music Libraries to submit potential tv, film, media cues/ tracks to...however, this thread you've provided is interesting reading regardless!

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