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I'm surprised I haven't seen a thread on this yet! (unless I missed it...)

Anybody on these forums submit anything yet for this composing opportunity? You get the chance to win a job interview with Bleeding Fingers productions in LA to work as a film composer! Great opportunity even though you don't end up getting the job.

The contest stipulates that you MUST use at least one of the stems created by the piece and that it has to be from 60-120 seconds in length.  I would love to hear all of your entries!

I chose to change the theme and melody of the original and go with a gradual epic finish:

Anyways.  Looking forward to hearing your entries people!!!

-Renan Javier

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Thanks for listening the track, Ray, even though you weren't finishing it haha. What do you mean by "no one plays like that" ?? Too impossible to play, ya think?

Here is my entry. I must say, I had fun composing this and using the stems.

Ray, how do you suggest for a believable phrasing on the guitar part? Can you give us an example?

Very nice version of yours, Jon. :)

Jon Brantingham said:

Here is my entry. I must say, I had fun composing this and using the stems.

Thanks Ray, thats a good point I didn't think of. I guess I was trying to cram as much as possible into two minutes.

Raymond Kemp said:


I like the brass but I'm completely thrown by the ethnic voice samples. Just an opinion of course but a finish like that would have me think of starting with some kind of ethnic flute. Or......................a more classical choral ending.

Thanks for sharing here


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