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I'm surprised I haven't seen a thread on this yet! (unless I missed it...)

Anybody on these forums submit anything yet for this composing opportunity? You get the chance to win a job interview with Bleeding Fingers productions in LA to work as a film composer! Great opportunity even though you don't end up getting the job.

The contest stipulates that you MUST use at least one of the stems created by the piece and that it has to be from 60-120 seconds in length.  I would love to hear all of your entries!

I chose to change the theme and melody of the original and go with a gradual epic finish:

Anyways.  Looking forward to hearing your entries people!!!

-Renan Javier

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Raymond Kemp said:

I didn't take your remarks personally. You can live your dreams and let others live theirs.

Not wanting to get personal, I'll say no more.

Here are the rules detailing the time of contest closure:

The Competition willrun from10:00:00 AM PST (19:00:00 CET) on Wednesday January 22, 2014 (the
“Starting Date”) and continue through 00:01:00 AM PST (09:01:00 CET) on Thursday February 20, 2014
(the “Closing Date”) (collectively the “Competition Period”). For the avoidance of doubt no entries will 
be counted before or after the Competition Period. 

And Jason if you want more info on the rules:

Thanks Renan, listened to your track a few times since then, 

And agreed he might not be the most amazing musical composer but he's an amazing producer . . it's not the music itself it's the way it sounds :)

Thanks for the info! Love ya!

Should be back up and running now last time I checked.  And yeah, love ya too.

seriously?? sucks to hear man.  let's hear it anyway! post it up!

Jason Hok Ming Ng said:

Wtf...the competition is just struck Feb 19.....and I couldnt submit anything before cause it crashed. what a load of BS....

And I was just about to get started on the piece. Pff.

I sincerely hope the Rick Astley/epic mix wins, it would go very well with the amount of farse in this competition so far.

According to the site they pushed the deadline all the way to February 24th. It looks like the competition's terms and conditions are completely irrelevant at this point, as they never get updated anyway.

Decided to read the rules for fun, guess what I found?

"This Competition is open to residents of the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada (excluding Quebec), Germany and Sweden only."

So, basically, f*** them. No, seriously, this is beyond ridiculous at this point. But at least I haven't wasted my weekend. :P

So, the competition is closed or not? I want to submit my work if it's open... It says until february 24th... Oh, i guess that Serbia isn't part of any of these... 

Career? More like a free three day trip to L.A. plus a 500 bucks bonus. Not a bad deal for roughly a day's work. Admittedly the prize isn't guaranteed, but there's plenty of other Saturday activities you could spend your energy on that provide even slimmer a chance of earning substantial amounts of money (beer is a model example).

Sorry for the language, by the way. I'm sort of used to forum boards with automatic filtering.

Here's my contribution to the contest. I took percussion and brass stems into the composition. Please have a listen. Thanks.

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