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La musique doit humblement chercher à faire plaisir, l'extrême complication est le contraire de l'art.

                                                                                           -- Debussy

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Je dois dire que je ne pouvais pas d'accord plus.


Could you guys translate? I'm kinda interested?

Yes, the conversation is a bit exclusive so far.

Try this:

There's lots of complicated music out there if Google's literal translation is to be used for this quote.  I don't dislike music that is complex just because it's complicated. It sounds as if Debussy is reacting to the virtuosic excesses of Liszt et al. which is understandable but how many concertos are complex?

The end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th is full of solo concertos that where written to show off the virtuosity of the player first and foremost, at the expense of musicality. They have been a staple of senior recitals. People who graduated with a performance degree know what those pieces are. Complicated music is not automatically good. Though good music can be complicated.

 “A naked Ayre without guide, or prop, or colour but his owne, is easily censured of everies eare, and requires so much the more invention to make it please.” 

                                                                         Thomas Campion

"Life is too short to play bad music" ~ Bob Brozman

Debussy was certainly lucky in that he lived at a time where almost no one was trying to break barriers and come up with the "next thing". He also lived at a time where music's main aim was to be beautiful... Fast forward to the 21st century and that doesn't hold true any more. If Debussy had lived in the 50s/60s I wonder if his music would have survived... And this coming from a literal fanatic of Debussy!

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