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Andy Hughes Suite

A while ago I lost a friend very dear to me. You can read about him here. This is a suite I composed in his memory.

The Will Stream - Download *
The Endeavour Stream - Download *
The Mirror Stream - Download *
The Dance Stream - Download *
The Reckoning Stream - Download *

* = JPM members only (membership is free though)

You can also hear it on my Composer's Forum Profile Page

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very hypnotic. almost perfect for background movie music. or for backing tracks for a ripping guitar solo.
nice rythems and sonic textures. I think it makes me want to play a guitar solo because there is not much for melody lines. the melody lines that are present are kinda buried in the mix. often the timbre gets a bit boring which is not a bad thing if your composing for background movie music but to just listen to it could use some timbrel changes.
I really like your stuff though. its nice meditation music. relaxing and not too distracting =) very beautiful rhythmic textures.
Hi Mike - thanks for the feedback. Quite a lot for me to take on board there. I suppose as film music is something I would like to do maybe it coming across too much. Having said that I wrote these pieces as melodically driven pieces and am slightly concerned this isn't coming through. I may have to look at why this isn't coming across in the way I would like.

Thanks again however.
Jack, I think this suite is emotional and meaningful. I can feel sadness and a motion of something pushing on.
Whilst I wouldn't put a ripping guitar solo over it, I think a sparce but harsh cello voice with simple phrasing would add to it.
Thanks RR - great call on the cello. I'll see if anything comes to mind. My gratitude for your comments.
5th (and final) movement added: The Reckoning. J

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