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I have for an eternity,lounged around a lot of synthesizers.mostly in my distant youth with such gems like the prophet V,minimoog,EMU II+,rack fulls of Rolands etc but its only recently i have tried to merge the 2 big mediums.


i watched the new Tron film and despite all criticism for the actual film and content,i honestly thought the score was very good.a nice blend of analog warmth along with orchestrated humanisms and depth that when the two combine,sound like nothing else.


not so much Wendy Carlos or Isao Tomita with rooms full of Moog modulars but something blended inbetween.


So ive tried something in this light and im surprised i never did it sooner as it does feel natural for me having spent so much time in the synthetic world,to merge the 2 passions.


This is my first true offering with both natural and un natural coming together.


have a listen and let me know.


thank u 


Song attached - Citadel Skyview

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