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I merely ask whether this is a fitting minute and a half Ode for Memorial Day, for the US or for soldiers in general.

Or an Ode to Armistice Day?

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Hi Tyler,

I finally got around to listening to 

Interpretations on Folk Melodies Saxophone Concerto Mvt. III

It's superb. I love it all.  I love the opening, especially.  The rhythms, the polyharmonic allusions to the folk melodies.  It's great.  I've bookmarked it, and I'm going to listen to it many times.

Wonderful !!!

Thanks for posting it.

Here's the link again, for those who have not heard it yet.

Hey O.

I love this piece.  It cracks me up.  I played it for my daughters and a couple friends, too, and it set everyone into hysterics.
Good show!  And just so you know, I, Dave O, consider any art that makes me at laugh heartily, "good" art. So there you have it.  Have a good weekend.

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