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Damn, it was quite some time since I was last active here. Lot of work, vacation, etc. I hope I can now be more active.

After many days of hard work, sweat, tears and laptop getting burned from amount of midi tracks, I hereby present you a tune that has been inspired by a person important to me. But also - it has been inspired by all the beatiful work made by John Williams and Jeremy Soule + some inspiration from Harry Potter scores for films and games from those two persons.

The tune is called MthemeA. You can hear/download it here:
or listen to it directly at my site - - it is placed in the "Other Music" section.

Any feedback would be welcome!


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Wow...this sounds incredible real to me. May I ask what libaries you are using?
I think it is quite amazin hoch much live there is in the orchestration. Also this is truly a realy Williams like style.
Keep up the good work :D
Thanks for the two kind comments.

I used ProjectSAM Symphobia, EWQL SO Silver Pro XP, ProjectSAM harp and some percussion samples from free True Strike 1 demo sample pack from ProjectSAM.

Yeah, unfortunately I rarely use choirs, I'm not a big fan of those and maybe this is why it sounds artificial.
Laptop is Acer Extensa 5620Z.

How many instruments? You mean midi tracks? So many that I had to constantly do renders to audio to actually be able to hear anything, which was time consuming as hell, since the sound was distorted, slowed down and really one could not hear the music. After the intensive part, I rendered it to audio and started new project, layering instruments over the wav.

Excellent work Michal. I think you've really done an amazing job here.
Fantastic! Big bold and bombastic. I really enjoyed this piece and you have excellent sequencing/mixing chops as well. Congratulations
Wow, thanks for sharing this! Is it really made using some kind of midi program? If so, what unbelievable results, it sounds so authentic!
This was absolutely phenomenal!! I definitely heard the John Williams influence (especially the Harry Potter score) on this piece. I honestly liked this better than some film scores I've heard lately. I only wish I had half your talent!
Thank you for posting this. It is very good and you are getting a very realistic sound. It is a really fun piece!
This is an absolutely beautiful piece of music. Very thoughtfully put together very well executed. This is very much cinematic music. The only critic I have is that it sounded too Williams, too Soule, to much like other composers movie music, I know that this piece is very heavily influenced by these composers works, but I would have still liked to have heard more of you in it. I wanted to hear something that said "This is a Michal Cielecki, a musical force not to be messed with".
Other then that, amazing work. You are truly a very talented composer.
Thanks all for kind comments.
Yeah, you're right Tyler. I'm still getting into that. :)

Typing this while listening... Love it! Makes me want to write! Great dynamics. What do you tend to use for you marcato like strings? Wow - this is really good all the way through. Lose the choir and hire a solo female vocalist for that part - this track is worth it. But is really great as is... AWESOME! Great chord changes, great tempo shifts. You rock.
This is unbelieveable work man,,, im so taken aback i cant find much criticism for you..sorry!

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