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I wrote this a few years ago but just now got around to making a clean copy of the score.. though I'm sure there still plenty of errors in it. I apologize for the very poor sound quality of the MP3.

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Bob, ive had the wonderful opportunity of driving across America several times. Florida to Oregon and NYC to San Fran.. and a few other long road trips where I didn't have a time constraint.  Chance to smell the roses as they say. Its quite a place. Its huge and vibrant, wealthy but modest, serious and at the same time very very funny. Filled with genuine original characters no author could conceive.  I am sure left to their own devices the people you meet are kind, friendly and honest to a fault. So maybe American Songs stems from those experinces. Maybe its me being pollyana and waving the flag a little.. but America IS one hellova place.

None of the tunes in American Songs actually exists. I made them up.. but to me at least they sound kind of American.. or American through the prism of Roy Harris and Bill Shuman.  

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