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I've recently completed an English Folk Song Suite for orchestra which I thoroughly enjoyed doing. So much so that I'd like to have a crack at arranging an American Folk Song Suite.

I have a list (following) of some likely songs that might be appropriate but seek advice from the USA...if anyone has thoughts on a list of what they think would constitute either the most popular or most appropriate (or both) I'd be keen to hear them (your thoughts that is!)

Wabash Cannonball; The Water is Wide; Go Tell It On The Mountains; The House Of The Rising Sun; Where have all the flowers gone; Freight Train; Prairie Lullaby; My Gal; Tom Dooley; Pretty Boy Floyd.

The list isn't exhaustive of course and I'll only need maybe four complementary and contrasting pieces in all.

If anyone's interested the English Folk Song Suite is here:

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An excellent and well performed arrangement of Shenandoah!

Rodney Carlyle Money said:

Terrific...good ol' BB

Rodney Carlyle Money said:

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