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A short piece for piano in the classical style. I experimented with rhythm and chromaticism to create a fun piece.

Listen to Allegretto in C by Darren Freeman on #SoundCloud

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Hi Darren,

The piece sounds lovely.

Is there a score?

Yes, how do I display it on here? I have a jpeg :)

You'll see a 'upload files' link at the bottom left side of your page

Here is the score :)


Thanks looks good

Hello Darren,

I enjoyed the piece, fascinating how much music 1:20 may contain.

It is energetic and breathtaking, a special kind of genre that works very well.

Well done.


Thank you, Kjell. Your words are really encouraging! I've composed a few short pieces in that style, I'll upload another i think. I'm a beginner and working towards tackling sonata form. I've written dozens of minuets and my music is growing from my understanding of that form.

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