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Aleksey Kovalenko - Concertino №1 for piano and russian folk orchestra (live)

Aleksey Kovalenko - Concertino №1 for piano and russian folk orchestra

Piano: Eugene Nazaroff Jr
Conductor: Aleksey Kovalenko

Hello! I suggest you listen to my work. The question is to play it in concert or not. Need your opinion. Thank U.

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Thanks for your opinion. On piano plays Eugene Nazarof, not me.

Bob Porter said:

Of course you should play it in concert! No question in my mind.

It is hard to tell too much from the video. The piano tends to overpower everything, so some of the subtleties of the interaction between the piano and the orchestra don't come through. Is that you at the piano? It's always fun to see a member in action.

Thank you very much. I'll plane make it in VST instruments, but it will be for symphonic orchestra. Soon. And maybe make more quality video, if I can find new orchestra.

Kristofer Emerig said:

Of course! .. The first impression that comes to mind, upon listening to this is, "this sounds like a Russian composer". The tumult and passion! - great stuff.

A better hall, or recording setup, could really make this shine, although I'm sure it sounded much better in that space and time in which it was recorded; And while it's quite customary to disparage VST instruments here, although we, in the majority, rely upon them heavily, this is a fitting example of a piece whereof I'd probably prefer to hear a good, clean "virtual" production.

There's not much I can add to what has already been said. Of course this should be performed! It's exciting and very appealing. Everything about the music is entertaining- the energy, the passion, for us Westerners the instrumentation, which is something we seldom see.

Thank u all.

You have lackluster appearance onstage, and the music sounds difficult but is not.

Hi! I liked the piece. Of course, there is no focus and audio is not so good, but this is not a big problem. As for the piano shouting down the other instruments: does this problem need some change in a score? Perhaps, more string players are needed or piano player has to play softer? Or maybe, the piano can be prepared? :)

While listening, I heard Rachmaninov style and then Stravinsky style at the end.

I think, this should be performed after correcting the problem with piano.

I'd like to add a resounding yes. I would be happy to sit in the audience for this one, or listen to a high quality recording. My only quibble is that I can't detect any trumpet in it. But I'm a trumpet player. ;)

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