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The new and improved arrangement of a little ukulele tune I made up. I made a few changes (not that anyone would ever notice), but of course, I notice.

Any feedback would be most appreciated, especially with regards to the supporting arrangement for the “flute-y” melody. Being as the flute-y thing gets split into 3 part harmonies, I’d be interested to know whether the main melody (the singular line of the first verse), gets lost. And, as with all my stuff, is the bass too loud, too soft, or just fine?

Does it work as an instrumental? Maybe for some cheeky video game? The “Kirby” series comes to mind. I love the tunes in “Kirby’s Epic Yarn”.

I intended it to have a vocal but my singing voice requires a lot of auto-tune, and besides, I don’t have a great microphone. That and I don’t much care for writing lyrics.

I’ve included a version with a little Beatles at the end because the ending reminds me of the TV studio dancing scene in “A Hard Day’s Night”.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Rick,

This Beatles-y tune would fit in well with a video game, in fact it reminds of one called Monkey Island. The instrument balance seems ok to me, nicely done!



Funny you should say Beatles because I have a version (I just added to this post) where I inserted a little Beatles bit at the end because the ending reminds me of the TV studio dancing scene in “A Hard Day’s Night”. It’s where Ringo jumped to his drums and gave the music a Beatles beat riding the hi-hat, I just love that. And I didn’t do this because of what you said, I had this version already just for my own entertainment. Maybe that scene was in your subconscious because the piece itself doesn’t really sound like a Beatles style tune to me... but then I am a HUGE Beatle freak and my stuff usually always has a heavy Beatles influence, soooo, maybe you’re right! Thanks for the nice comment.

Ahhh, Monkey Island... I still haven’t finished that old game.

I'm agreeing with Gav - it would make a nice backing for a game. It's lively and happy so would probably also back any documentary of this length on something portrayed as uplifting - yeah, even work. I got caught in a visual of a print works through from production to getting the bales on the vans. A few flat hat guys enjoying being busy.

Both versions were fine - no particular preference from me. As usual the performance came off with verve. The idea of delaying the bass entry was clever as also the 3x flute harmony which started unobtrusively around about 2'08" (so it sounded anyway) which seemed to continue as a variation of the opening melody. It fitted together nicely. The ending was also nifty, some interesting harmonic twists just after the solo flute takes up the original melody at around 3'17" before giving out to ukulele and bass.


Another nice one,

Cheers, Dane.


Thank you much. It started off as just a simple uke tune. I would strum it on my uke while humming out the melody. I never thought the thing would get so complicated. When I started adding the bass and drums into my DAW it just evolved and I soon found myself splitting the simple melody into three part harmony. And that, I must admit, was the opposite of simple and was very challenging for me. It’s even got french horns. I love french horns. I can’t seem to arrange anything without them. They just make such a natural soft backing for my style of stuff.

Well, it’s the big long awaited impeachment day (first day, that is), here in the states sooo the TV is going to be competing for my attention.

Thanks again!


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