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Following the theme of romantic music written with cinema in mind, here is another piece of mine inspired by a favourite composer.  Any comments most welcome, especially possible improvements etc.

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Hi Henry, 

This is well done! Music memorable and sweet. I could see this in a movie! Ennio Morricone?

Thanks for posting!


Very nice work! As you know much of music is subjective. As the track stands alone, it's excellent!

Though I think if this were paired with a romantic scene in a movie I would envision it as set further back with less volume and more space in the track in the form of reverb to give it a more background  feel and I'll just throw this in there as something I have heard on other similar compositions- The piano is sometimes played with 4ths in the melody. This isn't to say that this track needs that, just a suggestion because I have heard it before.

None of this is critique Henry, just thoughts I had about it. 

Gav:  Thanks.  well, yes,  of course it is il signor Morricone.

Timothy:  thanks.  Actually, I welcome critique, that's the way to improve!  And thanks for the useful suggestions. 

Very touching and cinematic...done very well, and very enjoyable.

Thanks so much for sharing!


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