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After some general advice on approaches to developing melody; I want to avoid using all the usual predictable tricks or just changing key/passing melody onto different instruments etc... Specifically, in the piece I have posted below I want to develop further the melodic material which starts at the 30 seconds mark again at the 2:11 mark. As I said, I want to avoid just changing key, but I'm at a loss as to how to think about what approaches I can take. 

Thanks in advance. 


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One approach that opens up plenty of possibilities is to write the melody down and slice it into small chunks of material that differ from one another. Then you can rearrange their order, or use one multiple times in a progression, or play them backwards, or anything, really... some manipulations will leave the connection to the original melody intact, others will obscure it slightly, but it's still more coherent than just developing another melody when you've used up your current one.

In the case of your piece I would probably abuse the first motif, the descending long G followed by F and E... it begs for being used in a strong upward progression. You can make the progression very long, and somewhere halfway mix this motif with the 2nd one (E-F-E-D-) and let them progress up together, building the tension even more. That's just one example; once you're down to working with manageable amount of material, figuring out simple yet effective solutions becomes easy.

There are various things you can do to develop a melody. As said, you can use a certain mottiff that appears in the melody to create a section based on it, changing keys, and moving through them with this mottiff as your "boat", go through a "wandering" progression with it, respell the melody in a different rythm, or in the opposite key(go from major to minor and vice versa), dont return to it when you reach some point (for example, it's peak), but continue it, or go the beggining and start some tonal development section, or any combination of the above that might work.

It all depends on what you want to express through this melody's use.

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