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I'm trying to understand how to add dynamics to my music, both in the score as well as the audio version. Both the Garritan and East West forums tell me I need to "breathe life into the instruments," by adding dynamic variation. I thought that in a midi mockup, people wouldn't care that much. But I'm finding they do. So, I'm trying to find a way to do this that doesn't take too long. I'm thinking of going through the score, and expanding on the rather sparse dynamics I made at the time, and then seeing if I can then add the appropriate changes in the audio. But I've never understood very well just how to add dynamics in the score. Should every note have them, or every phrase? Shouild there be a swell on every long note? Stuff like that. Any resources you could point me to would be appreciated. Thanks, Mike

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Al, I hope Michael sees your answer, but he was one of the people who left because of issues with people on the forum.

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