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So, I use FL Studio, a very popular DAW (digital audio workstation {ProTools,Live,ect}), and, because of my limited knowledge concerning mastering, finalizing, and the latter, I do come up across comments that my music has a limited amount of "realism." (Instrumentation not flowing as well as being played by a real ensemble.)

Of course, nothing beats the real thing

So, here is the question:

"While using a DAW (or even a notation program, though they have less of an issue regarding such), how can one make pieces, using presents/samples while attaining a better sense of 'realism' "?

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Simple, but effective.

Thank you, Ray, for your answer :)
I'm looking forward to buying N.I KOMPLETE when I get the funds; I've tried out their samples, and they are quite good.

I also thank you for your advice upon the matter.
Sounds pretty good - not sure about the orchestral stabs but the git is good. :)
Hi Rahim,

Making realistic mockups is one of the main subjects I write about on here (although I have to admit that the more I work with live players, the less and less I patience I have for samples).

Basically you do need good samples. You also need to go through the samples and work out which things sound realistic and which have a tendency to sound synthetic.

You also need to learn how to place instruments in a mix so that they have a room sound about them. Generally this involves using a good quality reverb. I use Altiverb but it's not the only choice.

Part of the job also involves a bit of slight of hand, distracting listeners to hear the good samples and not focus on the bad ones. Percussion instruments are great for this.

I will warn you that getting good quality results requires a powerful machine. It's best you are prepared for this before you spend a lot of money on quality samples.
here is how I put together music.
I am a guitar player and I don't have a midi keyboard so I enter my music using GuitarPro.
I run the midi into a program called Loopbe (an internal soft midi port) from that I can route the midi signals into Garritan Personal Orchestra and play the midi through the VSTi.
I save each instrument into its own track in Cool Edit and add revebs and the like and get it all mixed.
I just got Garritan Personal Orchestra and I love having it. I uploaded the first comp I have done using it.
I am now rearranging all my songs so they better fit the voices of the different pieces of the orchestra.

sure beats nasty soundfonts =)
Mike, your piece sounds pretty good, and I think your techniques are rather unconventional. It restores my confidence that I can do something good with my new setup (an M-Audio midi keyboard, Korg 01/Wfd, Reaper DAW, SampleTank .2L, Miroslav Philharmonik and SonikSynth2.

Thanks for sharing.

I also use an M-Audio (I think), and I use Sampletank 2XL and Miroslav as my main sample sources.

Not the best sounds, but somewhat remarkable for the price =)

my unconventional technique comes from
a: Im new to this
b: I am a guitar player (working on that; getting a USB midi keyboard soon)
c: I am using the software I have. I just got the Garritan samples... for the longest time I stopped trying to compose outside of Heavy Metal cause I was sick of hearing nintendo-esk sound fonts =p boo on sf2 after useing nice VSTi

But really all GuitarPro is a midi sequencer made with guitar players in mind,, and cool edit works great for Mixing and mastering.

each yeah I get something new.. this year it is gona be the keyboard =)

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