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This is a very meditative Adagio in g minor for a stringquartett on the famous 4-note pattern B-A-C-H.

The atmosphere  here is of deep sadness and pain. A contrasting second theme in Eb Major, a kind of  choral, rises up from this like a solemn prayer conveying the love of God. Both parts are repeated but with even more intensity of expression.

Recently I presented here variations for string quartett. I realised now that in that work in the d-minor variation I use a staccato motif which I had used already in this Adagio in a similiar way, so I have to see how to change that motif in this Adagio ...



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I think this is the second time I've seen this work of yours, though the other time may have been on the GMG site. Very impressive polyphonic writing, Gerd - and though the idiom is tonal, no one would mistake this for a work from before the 20th century as the voice leading is in many places very unconventional (not to mention ending in first inversion, as I think I commented on before).

I do have reservations about some of the staccato articulations, though it might be the NotePerformer rendition that makes them sound mechanical in places. By the way, Gerd, I can hear the lack of synchronicity between the instruments very clearly in several places. I assume you're still using Finale/NP, so it's definitely not just under Sibelius.

In sum though, this is a beautiful piece of quartet writing, expressive and intricate.

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