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I've managed to turn out a score that is, to the best that I've learned, not bad for the second movement of my Violin Concerto. All critiques are welcome.

The piece is here.

Score pdf attached.

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Thanks for the suggestion about screensets, Mike But I have a workflow that works well for me, and it doesn't involve screensets. Way too much clutter to deal with as I see it. One, comprehensive window with the MIDI tracks I have selected showing is the display that I will want to be seeing at any time. The region colors tell me how the instruments' lines are moving against each other. With that window set up, I can select the track that I want to be writing in. It's a close simulation of how I would be writing on a single score sheet if I were using paper and pencil.

fair enough Art, but the point is that you have everything you want at the press of a button to get rid of clutter...but I guess it's only for if you want to go deeper into the programming. At least you've got your own way, thats' the beauty about it all, it is so configurable

I think I can imagine how screensets could be useful.  I arrange my workflow 1 task at a time. When I'm inputting notes, that's all I'm doing. Then, I go back in the indiviual track views to adjust velocities and then the main screen for any automation I might want to apply. It's no complicated thing to switch between these views, but screensets might make it even faster. 

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