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I've managed to turn out a score that is, to the best that I've learned, not bad for the second movement of my Violin Concerto. All critiques are welcome.

The piece is here.

Score pdf attached.

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Dave is this what you're after....
Change the colour of each of the 4 hrns regions you want to edit. Do this in the arrange window by control clicking the region and bringing up the colours bar. Select each region and give it a different colour.
Rubberband or shift select the regions you want to edit and they should all show in the pianoroll in their individual colours. You may have to set the colour options in the pianoroll menu /view/ set note colour/ by region colour in order to see it like this.
If you then view automation, you will see the automation curves of all regions for a given parameter.

No (but thanks) . . . the colour thing is something I do for editing and general housekeeping, but to actually input notes you can only have one piano roll active at once. I need multiple ones so I can just write in four parts at once, without needing to write in one and then divide them later.

An example from Dorico: I need that kind of functionality. To my great disappointment, Dorico doesn't allow actual note input into piano roll, only editing. I could simply flood all regions with notes and then move them around, but that seems too janky. I'm sure I've seen people using Cubase and it has this multiple piano roll option.


I see, that is useful....

I managed to sort of do it, it may not be suitable but worth a go...

Open up a clean screenshot.

Open up 4 piano rolls (PR) and re-size and position as desired

Open up an arrange page too.

Colour the regions in the arrange page as above (you can set these as default colours for future use in your template)

Set the link function to same level on the arrange page.

On the first PR, set the link to same level. Just click the link to turn it yellow.

Select your 1st horn in the arrange, the 1st PR will now display that. Now unlink the first PR.

Repeat the last 2 steps for each subsequent hrn part.

Perhaps that'll help...

screenshot of the above.....

oops here it is

I didn't fully understand the linking part, but the setup looks close to what I was after - however I'm not sure how you open four PR at once as independent windows. I think I've done it once by accident when I wasn't meaning to, or it could be limited to Logic X? I recall you can float the various bits of the interface to move them around.

I did find a possible workaround though - I hadn't realised that if you have multiple regions selected (and colour coded) then double-clicking on the notes in one region will show only that region and allow you to input, then double-clicking the background brings back everything selected again. That could actually be more useful - you can easily see the relationship between the notes and it takes less space. The niggle, because I'm a niggler, is that using coloured regions removes velocity colours. oh shut up dave that's no problem at all it takes like a second to right-click back to velocity colours

Your way could be great if achievable in 9. Your time and knowledge is as ever appreciated. *genuflects*

Mike Hewer said:

oops here it is

Thanks for the suggestion about screensets, Mike But I have a workflow that works well for me, and it doesn't involve screensets. Way too much clutter to deal with as I see it. One, comprehensive window with the MIDI tracks I have selected showing is the display that I will want to be seeing at any time. The region colors tell me how the instruments' lines are moving against each other. With that window set up, I can select the track that I want to be writing in. It's a close simulation of how I would be writing on a single score sheet if I were using paper and pencil.

fair enough Art, but the point is that you have everything you want at the press of a button to get rid of clutter...but I guess it's only for if you want to go deeper into the programming. At least you've got your own way, thats' the beauty about it all, it is so configurable

I think I can imagine how screensets could be useful.  I arrange my workflow 1 task at a time. When I'm inputting notes, that's all I'm doing. Then, I go back in the indiviual track views to adjust velocities and then the main screen for any automation I might want to apply. It's no complicated thing to switch between these views, but screensets might make it even faster. 

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