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I've managed to turn out a score that is, to the best that I've learned, not bad for the second movement of my Violin Concerto. All critiques are welcome.

The piece is here.

Score pdf attached.

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Proximity does give you instructions, but it should be in Library>Audio>Plugins and, in Plugins, VST and Components.

I don't blame you one bit, Bob. I'm glad to see that the project made it safe and sound as an attachment. Oh, wait. You're talking about the .mid file. We'll still have to see if the project file makes it across.

Mike Hewer said:


I know for many of us money is an issue, especially for hobbyists, and the best sampled instruments can be prohibitive. The most important quality for a sampled instrument is its velocity layers (dynamics). Correctly manipulating this aspect will bring your music to life. Fortunately these guys exist....and these instruments are FREE.


You will need to get Kontakt to use as a plug-in software sampler within Logic in order to play these sounds. There is a free version (which has some restrictions) and there is a full version which will cost. Check this out....


Hi Mike,

Thanks for posting those links! While I've yet to figure out how to integrate Kontakt with my current (very strange) workflow, I did find some nice soundfonts that could potentially replace some of my current yucky sounds, so thanks for that!

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