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I'd like someone with time on their hands to check my chords please! I want to add solo sections but what you hear now are the main sections. Does the piece make musical sense? I like the ending as it's quite artistic and measure 15 and 37 sound very nice too. I want to do an ascending bit where I am from C major up to G major - > D major then B minor but the piece seems like a big circle of fifth so I need solo sections and I have a few melodies in mind for them.

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Regarding the chord structure.  I don't have the time to read the score and check it, but I did hear something "unusual" for this type of piece, around 0:34 - 0:35, an odd modulation perhaps, which did not bother me (personally) but you may want to check it, just to make sure it is doing what you want it to do.  

(Personally, I would suggest, rather than a circle of fifths, you might try to make a circle of diminished fourths, or a circle of augmented sixths and see what that sounds like).

I can see why you call yourself "Vivaldi."  I love the original Vivaldi, and if I heard this piece on the radio, I might actually mistake it for a short section of a piece by that composer.

I enjoyed it.  Ultimately, I would be interested in what you might do in a more contemporary vein,  that would be the fruit of your immersion in Vivaldi's style and method.   I see nothing wrong with imitating or even outright stealing of Vivaldi's work.  After all, Bach did that often enough.  Still, I suspect this music is not "you," and I am interested to know what music that "you" would write would sound like.

I am not asking for you to do what Stravinsky did with Pergolesi (as in the Pucinella suite, if you know that), but something that shows your essential musical thrust in a modern context.

Just a friendly request.

Thanks for posting this.

An excerpt from "Pucinella" for those interested:

What he does around 1:06 I particularly like.  It's a more or less perfect synthesis of the mid 20th century modern with the baroque.  The finale that follows is quite brilliant and moving as well.

Very nice, very baroque.  One thing that stood out I would re-examine; the grace notes in the harpsichord part might do better as 'icing' on the cake.  In other words, maybe save them for special occasions.  Otherwise, you run the risk of the figure becoming to pronounced or heave instead of decorative.  Grace notes are ornaments, not the tree.  Also, I too heard something that caught me off guard around 0:30 something as well.  Other than that, I feel it will be quite effective for you. Bravo.


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