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Hi Ray, Thanks for the note. The inspiration was watching CNN of people in Sendai, after the tsunami, picking through the rubble and looking for family. The best inspiration comes from real life and I thought I would do a musical drama piece.

It has three parts... 1) Earthy, rural, mud-covered old Japan, 2) Violin supporting the flute (new Japan) and 3) anemic, wet, threadbare, dying where the flute (Ney) completes the melody line and takes it from there. Acceptance and patience of the natural life cycle.


I used the East West QL libraries, specifically the Gypsy Violin and the Ney Flute. Chinese Lu microtuning. I've used other DAWs, but like Fruity Loops the best. (I know, this is embarassing to admit) But I find I can be extremely creative and fast using their pattern system. I use a 'negative-space' technique and not unlike sculpting, I create a multitude of tracks (patterns) then I work (move, layer, remove, etc) the FL patterns to reveal the composition. I take it wherever the energy of the piece needs to go. It's just my personal taste, but it is real-time and almost always surprises me. This setup makes the technology "mostly" transparent to the creation, performance, composing iterations. I also like working with a restricted palette, finding the best performance style/range for each instrument, then laying it down. I usually ignore meter.  Also, with this piece, I am trying out the Ozone 4 Mastering software. I haven't got the compression nailed down yet as you can probably tell.


Thanks again,


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