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This is my first attempt at a rock symphony. It has been well recieved by friends and family but I wanted to see how composers would rate it. Just bare in mind that I have no musical theory training at all. This was all composed on GuitarPro 6.

The audio file was also exported direct from GP6 but i have tried to make it as good as I can through the settings said program has on it.

The audio file was too big to upload to this site (0.8MB too big) so I had to upload it to soundcloud;

Hope you all enjoy it and look forward to all feedback.

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Hi Mike, I got an error when I tried to listen to the sound file

Hi Gav, what error did you get? I have double checked and it plays fine for me.

Hi Mike, I attached a screenshot -


By the looks of that screenshot it would seem that you need to be logged into soundcloud to access a private track on there :/ Rather than ask people to sign up to soundclound for the sake of hearing this, It would be alot easier for all concerned for me to remove the track and reupload it with public permissions.

My apologies for the error, I will have it uploaded ASAP, and I will post a new link when it is done.

Got it reuploaded, the original link should now work for everyone. Apologises once again for the error.

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