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I've been working on my own "modern" version of medieval music, possible for a video game or a short film.  This is a recent instrumental I composed featuring the recorder, piccolo flute, nylon guitar, snare drum and tambourine.  I compose in FL Studio.  I tried to focus on making a catchy melody that sounds like someone riding a horse along side a river's bank on a sunny day.  That's what the song is about.  Thoughts?  Any feedback is appreciated, thank you!

Also, any advice on where to go to study more medieval sounds or to increase my knowledge is appreciated!  I've checked out a few Youtube videos, but I'd like to develop my own style of this genre.  Thanks.

- Ronald J. Fontenot

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If you're interested on a slightly modern take, can I assume you're familiar with the Mediaeval Baebes? Mostly traditional but they blend with more modern styles occasionally.

For anyone interested:

Hi Ronald

Lovely piece, for sure. Unfortunately the chord accompaniment is a bit dull and the harmony is not always adequate. The recording seems pretty much OK and the flutes are brilliant, as well as their interweaving play. Maybe the percussion could have a bit more rhythmic variation too. The example that Dane gives, shows the possibilities both for the accompaniment and the percussion.

Thanks for sharing it,


Thanks Jos and Dane for your comments!  I appreciate the advice and example link.  I've updated the song in the OP.  Basically I added some notes to the chord accompaniment and did some slight additions to the drums.  Thanks again!

Ronald J. Fontenot

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