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Some pretty ho-hum. Some very impressive. None famous.

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Hey there Art, thanks for the link.

When I was in my teens and early 20's we had a station on the radio (WHFS)

that played a whole lot of non-mainstream music. To me, at the time, that was

were it was at. I've wondered from time to time if there was an outlet on the

internet that paralleled the same open format, but never did much searching

for it. Art (not you  haha) needs such an outlet, free of any commercialism

or $$$ influence. Got any more links?        RS

It was somebody's great idea on Soundcloud. It gives you an idea of what a lot of contemporary composers who nobody ever heard of have to offer. I have yet to hear anything so bad that it wasn't worth at least a little bit of my time. Hope you have enjoyed some of what you've heard. If you have any tracks that you'd like to build an audience for, especially among other serious classical composers, here's a great opportunity.

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