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Hello people, I am a huge Lovecraft fan and from time to time I write music based on his stories. This one is called "under the pyramids" and I am using some ethnic percussion ,strings and xian ciao on it. I hope you like it. Feel free to post feedback on it:

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Oh :/ it sucks that Lovecraft is still underground in Europe.

You can find all of his stories on that website. I recommend "cold air", if you don´t want to read much. The call of the chtulhu is one of the best. The outsider, too.

I am glad you liked the tune.

And I never listened to Nile, although I know that they play metal and kind of suck.
Hi Miguel,

Not able to listen right now but it's great to hear other composers inspired by Lovecraft. I'm not so sure he's underground in Europe but he is probably still more popular in the US.

Wasn't Under the Pyramids co-written by Harry Houdini?
Hey James,

I am not European ;) I lived 18 years in America and that´s why I know about Lovecraft and am a fan of his.
Yes, under the pyramids was in fact a collaboration between him and Harry houdini. The story is supposedly based on something Harry himself lived. Either way a great horror story :)

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