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This is an experiment in minimalist composing. I use four voices, plus the occasional left hand note, and essentially only change one voice at a time. I tried using larger, more consonant intervals, but found that the repetition quickly became annoying for those, so I settled on my half-step-heavy method. Is this piece too dissonant to be enjoyable?

I use MuseScore, and this is the sound file it generated. I don't think that this piece needs to be performed by a human, although it might sound better with a fancier synthesizer. Since I wasn't envisioning a human performer, the score might be slightly difficult to read. Since I used four voices in the software, the accidentals are independent between the voices, so the first voice is only A naturals. 

I was also trying to explore the concept of absolute pitch with this piece. Since 'A' is repeated in every chord, all of the notes are heard with respect to the 'A', which I thought could potentially make the chords perceptible in a manner that is not tonal. 

This is my first post here. Thanks for taking the time to listen to this.

The file exceeded 7 MB, so I linked to it on SoundCloud: Regression.

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cool stuff, reminds me of this part piece:

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