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This is a piano piece I have composed in which I use quarter tones. I hope you like it!

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Hi Moueen, this has some appeal but sounds a bit robotic in tempo, I would suggest a little variation there. There is no ending to the piece, and it needs one. Thanks for posting! - Gav

I do like it Moueen.  Sometimes it just sounds out of tune but much it has very nice detail. Perhaps it must have perpetual motion with very little vertical structure. Thanks for posting!

Yes, a likeable piece that unfortunately will probably have to stay in the digital arena - unless someone can invent a keyboard instrument that makes such playing feasible. Most attempts at 1/4-tone pianos seem to aim to keep the basic piano key arrangement where something else might be better. Not sure what that could be. Or perhaps tune it so that one traditional octave takes 25 keys. 

But your piece explores possibilities. You'd need to be a Liszt to play it but that's beside the point! 

Microtonal it I think I'm a bit dizzy now. 

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