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Hello everybody,

this coronavirus lockdown (fortunately it was not hard in Rome, where I live) allowed me to have a lot of time to compose, therefore I used it. The output is a symphonic poem called "The World and Man".

I don't believe in God, but i started it with "A God" creation. I am not a new age ecologist, but this poem turned out to be a kind of hymn to nature against the dominance of Man. In short, I don't agree with myself, but I like the piece. :)

Every critic/suggestion will be appreciated, thanks.


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It reminded me of the good old "Summergames" Title tune on the Amiga from the 1980s (I mean this in a good way). It may actually work well for a computer-game...

I felt that there was a good ending at around 6:30, and the following parts did not, really, add that much new; I think even, that some of it was an identical reprise.

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