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Hi there,

This little doodle was supposed to be a part of a larger whole, then it was supposed to be left alone until Halloween for the sake of relevance, or possibly the annual VA contest... then I decided to toss it all, finish the piece as is and move on to different projects. I suppose it's for the best - the music is fun like this, no extra pressure required :)

Thought I would share. Comment on anything. I may get around to producing a score for the sake of practice, but it's unlikely.

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It's panned out of course (perhaps not enough, I'm reluctant to use more than 25% L/R for anything). As for depth I'm winging it a bit, don't think I have a solid feel for what is and isn't good yet, so I'm just reacting when something really feels out of place (usually just EQ high end + add reverb to push things back when they seem too upfront compared to the rest). This includes hiding samples that aren't very good. Maybe that's what breaks the space.

This track is my first attempt at parallel compression, I wonder if that's also an important factor?

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