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I was looking for stuff to post on the thread about why/how we compose as we do. My entry got wiped out by the software.

Among the things possible to link was this fugue.

It happened a few years ago because my group at a summer school thought to pass one evening by each writing a short fugue. It wasn't a competition or anything, just fun. I wanted the second and third entries to come in on the dominant underneath the answer to the previous subject.

The stretto is pitifully short but time was running out and the bar closed at 2330 hrs.

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Hey Dane. That was a lot of fun. Loved it's jauntiness! Wonderful twists and turns to the harmonic movement - (that reminded me a bit of Prokofiev ) very skillfully handled. Very enjoyable, indeed!

It took a few listens to get into this fugue, but the more I listen, the more I like its fun, bouncy mood. A cute little diversion!

This is a really fun piece Dane! Like Gregorio, I was struck by the constant harmonic shifting (well, you know I like that sort of thing!), and the bouncy character. The ending had me LOL. Didn't quite catch the stretto though, will have to listen again. Nice job for a single evening's work.

Wish I could toss back a few and throw down a fugue before stumbling home. Well actually  I can do all that except for the fugue!


Sincere thanks, guys.

May I be excused not replying individually - not laziness I assure you, just that it'll make it a pretty long thread.

Thank you for listening and your comments. They're most appreciated - especially as it was an incidental piece because the group I was in wasn't getting on well with the tutor - or perhaps the idea was to get us into running our own mini-show!

Liz, no surprise you missed the stretto. It would only need someone to aurally blink! Time was running short. I'm not as clever as Bark with fugues but my secondary school music teacher tried to teach me species counterpoint off the curriculum. Never sure if it worked.

I had a problem with the score. Believe it or not, Reaper had deleted the midi notation from the file. The file was still there but empty. No way would I delete the contents so the Good Lord alone (or Reaper) knows how it went. So watch out. Not the first time a file has been corrupted.

Thankfully my obsession with backing up meant I found a copy intact from about 4 months ago - all the proof I didn't delete it because I haven't touched the file until about to pull off a score yesterday from the current files.

The score is a daw-produced pdf with all its warts if anyone's interested. I started to tart it up but the gist should be clear. There are bits near the beginning where the middle part has to be spread between the thumbs of both hands, in case anyone notices.

Again, thanks for all the encouragement.




I think this shows your strength in making great music by the most established norms that still manages to excite, thrill and otherwise open up possibilities composing in this structure. 

I found this piece to be very interesting all round and a pleasant listen. Very thoughtful arranging. Makes me want to do something similar.

You also do well at tonal composing!

Hello, Timothy,


Yes I can write tonally, sort of.... Trouble is when in a major key it always turns into light music. I suppose there's nothing wrong with it (especially if there's even a little money or a decent dinner to be had, I'm there!)  I mean, I learned (most of) the CPP theory and a bit of counterpoint and held it in high respect - compared with serial music which I hold in high disrespect!

This little 1'30"s worth earned me a few quid - and though rendered with some old samples got away with it 10 years ago. VERY tonal. 

Many thanks for listening and those kind words that are always encouraging.


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