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This was composed about a week ago for my parents' birthdays and was my first attempt at a sonata (a very loose form of a sonata).

I. Celebration at the Festival (Variation of the Arirang theme with excitement and joy) (2:00)
II. Snow Divination (Calm and soothing (like snow falling from the skies) and then with passion)) (2:50)
III. Dance of Vitality (Quick melodies and a feeling of vigor) (4:10)

Movement III is the one that I experimented with the most.

I'm interested in some feedback on this piece :)

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Thanks for the response, and I'm glad you liked it. That section in the 2nd and 3rd movements is also my favorite part overall. I see what you mean by adding that final note at 8:17, but I added that ending because I felt as though a single note would be a bit too abrupt. Anyways, thanks!

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