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Hello everybody,

here is my latest orchestral work, an opening part of opera "A Flight". I want to write it in more "popular" style, someone could say it's just too cinematic, but I'd like to use great melodies supported by more "classical" techniques or darker parts when needed. This is simply opening of it and it should be about a girl who imagines herself flying above the sky just before the music is interrupted by another characters coming to the scene.

Hope you enjoy it!

(I've attached the score but I have to figure out yet few things about scoring certain techniques like harp glissandos, etc.)

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Thanks, Bob, for your comment.

The whole thing about being cinematic/operatic doesn't make much sense while discussing only the part of it so I'll leave that alone. However, I'm going to use more of styles/techniques while developing the story. For example, when there's a friend of the main character who is somewhat "crazy and free" I want to use aspects of jazz music, when there are memories of the main character's dying father, I'll use twelve-tone and atonal passages. Overall sound should be mix of these and I hope it can work if I'll try to do it tastefully.

The instrumentation might be too light but then again I want it to be synthesis of more styles rather than only cinematic one.

I'm sorry if the demo doesn't sound good via your headphones, I've set all the instruments to be in the position they really are in an orchestra pit. To me it sounds good but maybe I've done something wrong.

And about this - I try to create more "open" (sorry, don't know the right english term) harmonies there by using incomplete chords like g-d-a instead of simple g-major/minor. When I want the sound to be more full, I add trombones. And that trumpet is mostly there only to produce shiny colors or as a reminder of one important military-like musical idea through the opera. If it was only the part of the orchestral sound I wouldn't have it probably there neither ...

Bob Porter said:

Three horns (?) Only one trumpet? And no tuba. Seems a little light on brass to be cinematic.

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