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First of all, A Walk in the Woods for flute, clarinet, violin and cello.  Just curious what you make of it.  

And then there's a piano piece of mine, Farewell.  I just want to know your opinions.  

Any critique is welcome!

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I'd like to see score PDFs or MIDI files of your works. TIA :-)

Ok, I'll upload some.  Here you go.


Amazing work. Both pieces are incredibly interesting from the very first second to the last! Loved your harmonies, always changing and modulating. Farewell reminded me of some of John Williams' pianos from E.T. But in a really original and somewhat misterious way.

And A walk in the woods is well composed in so many levels! Everything is coherent, the instruments are presented in an interesting way; the phrases and rythms repeat themselves to the exact point where we can remember them when they appear in a different fashion later; and the harmony is just pure gold! Loved your style, Lara!

Both pieces very well written with a great sense of style and development. You have also found your own musical voice in these impressionistic and delicate harmonies. Keep up the great work.

When you talk about dissonance and bum notes, are you referring to the 4th measure, 2nd and 3rd beats?

Raymond Kemp said:


Welcome to the Composers' Forum. Your piece "A Walk In The Woods" is very good indeed. Any tuning issues are insignificant in a well composed piece like this. Thanks indeed for sharing.

The first recording however, "Farewell" did not have the same effect for me as the romantic entry is spoiled by what can only be described as bum notes. You may be able to write an essay as explanation for choosing the dissonance but to a lay person it just sounds off. 

BTW you've probably noticed already that I'm the loudest lay person around here.

I'm still looking forward to hearing more of your music but! don't post it all up for discussion at the same time. Allow the members to savour and comment on your music one piece at a time.

Best Regards


And Ray, thanks for all your compliments!

love both these pieces - you're a very talented lady!  it sounded like birdsong to me in your walk in the woods.  A bit reminiscent of Richard Rodney Bennett's Bird's Lament.

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