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As you all know, I have been incapacitated with extreme pain over the last year (since October 2010), so I haven't been at all capable of composing any music, which to me, is painful in itself.  Now that my skin grafts are healing (or at least some of them are) and I am now being prescribed a realistic amount of analgesia, I've tried to get a couple of things together.  

There have been three big problems with this.  The first is that I have had to get used to Windows 7, Cubase Artist 6 and EWQLSO Gold.  Getting used to new software is a pain in the neck (metaphorically), especially when I have not been able to use the old software that I had got to grips with (long story).  The other big problem is that with having lymphodoema, I can only spend about half an hour at the desktop, before I have to lie back on my bed with my feet raised for two hours.  As you all know, it takes half an hour to get into the swing of whatever you're writing, so I had the added obstacle of losing my momentum.  The third and final problem is that I seem to have lost my mojo (inspiration, ability, imagination...etc, call it what you like).

Anyway, I've come up with a couple of short pieces (both unfinished, as I still have a lot to learn on the Cubase front, and I would also like to develop them a bit more).  The first one, is actually a melody that I have used before.  This was because I just needed something or anything to get my teeth into.  The second short piece is from scratch.

I hope that you at least find them listenable, and I would welcome any criticism, negative or otherwise.



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.1..nice main theme...progression in Ravel style:)...drumming piece is to frozen for my taste..ending is not defined...maybe could be some variation basic on this theme in below...

..2...very nice piece till 1:40...I like it very much..very promising!

You have good sound, nice smooth arrangement / sensibility...

The first one was quite an enjoyable listen.  I thought the part at 2:28 could have used some more instruments to give it a larger sound that I think would be appropriate for that melody, but perhaps you have computer limitations that keep you from doing that. 

The second wasn't as much to my liking, but it's more a matter of taste than anything being wrong with it.  I prefer pieces with a greater sense of continuity.

All in all, I wouldn't worry about losing your "mojo." I haven't heard anything you've written before this, but if you think it's better than these then I will definitely give it a listen!  Also, I can only imagine how much it sucks to be in such physical agony and wish you all the best.

Thanks Andrew, I would be interested to know what you thought of my earlier works such as the symphony, requiem (unfinished) and concerto.



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