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Since people have been posting fugues, I figured I'd post mine– here's two!  Recordings are in the comments.  

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These fugues were written for a fugue class.  The A minor features 3 voices with lots of invertible counterpoint, and the F minor has 4 voices with a lot of different kinds of stretto (augmentation, diminution, inversion, maestrale at the end).  


Listened to the A minor fugue.  Very fun... though the texture was very busy throughout and it wasn't very easy to pick out the fugue subject in its various forms.  I thought the music could use some relief from the driving 8th notes every once in a while, just to ease things up a little. The free counterpoint was also quite similar in rhythm to the fugue subject so sometimes they obscured the subject entries a little.  But nevertheless, I liked it. Fun piece!w

Listened to the F minor fugue.  Loved the strettos (or is that stretti? :-P); esp. with the various augmentations / diminutions. I think they add a rhythmic tension to the otherwise rigid fugue structure that gives it good forward momentum.  Only thing is, at the end of the piece I wished it had gone on a little longer. ;-)

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