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Composed this some years ago, 9 short pieces in a contemporary and jazz style. Hope you enjoy.

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Hi Michael,

I listened to about half of it. These are quite nice, and would be publishable as a book for young flautists I would say. Small quibble - some of the pieces just seem to stop rather than have an ending which you build towards. I noticed this on #2 and (either #4 or #5). I think that would startle the audience.

Thanks for posting!


I do like it! Very fresh and creative. You do  it a disservice by referring to it as modern. Too often that word has negative associations with it. This is just great music. It can stand on its own. I especially like the rhythmic motion. also the piano and flute hand things off to one another very nicely in spots. In short, very sophisticated and highly enjoyable music. Thanks for posting it.

I could do, for the most part, without the graphics. I can't stand that style of "art." It's just, I don't know, childish. People don't look like that. Have we in fact been been invaded by aliens, like that goofy show on The History Channel supposes? I would rather see real people, but better yet, nothing at all. Maybe I'm just showing my age...

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