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Self explanatory, a little out of the ordinary for this forum.


This is to be played during the beginning instructions or during an intro "post-main menu" section of the game


too complex? catchy enough? other comments?


careful, its a bit loud.

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I like chiptunes, pretty good. It's catchy enough, works well for any good 8bit retro game.


I've done a few chiptunes myself :D, nice job m8!

I like chiptune as well, and this one would be very good for a game.

But, I'd say change the sound of the synth that plays your melody. I don't know, I think it was a bit "boring". And maybe bring out the bass? Let it get involved more ?

well done though

I've done quite a lot of chiptunes and there are some points that could improve in my opinion. The writing is okay, nothing wrong with it it in my opinion. Do you want that kind of phase on the individual sounds? The drum sounds, there are a lot better 8bit drum samples out there, if you want some I could give you some samples.


Nice sounding

if you have some 8 bit drum samples I would love that


and I thought the phasey thing sounds cool but I could definitely switch the sounds up.


I'm using QuadraSID. wish i had chipsounds :(

Have you tried using Tweakbench's Triforce? (Completely free and has some nice sounds.) Tweakbench toad also has amazing drumsounds but you should sample them from toad.


These are a bit cluttered but each of the two last files include a few different kicks and snares among other stuff. I'll leave them as they were when I downloaded them cause I can't remember which ones I've destroyed :)

The first file has over 200 8bit drumsounds or something like that.


I'd love to use tweakbench but I need AU :(


thanks for the drum samples though!

What's au?
triforce is only a VST plugin, I need an AU (Mac compatible plugin type) Although I think there is a way to convert VST to AU

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