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This is something I've been fooling with for my next CD project. I'm interested in seeing if it seems to hang together and make any sense to other people :)

I'm trying to get a nice dance groove happening without too much attachment to a specific tonal center ( even though a couple tritone ground bass lines are present )

Also: Ignore the sounds -they're internal Finale sounds and this is intended to be played totall live.

Fire away folks !!

Phil Kelly

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Trying to load this file again ..
I dig this immensely. Shades of Sam Rivers and his big band music :) Just great man, are you arranging this for a large ensemble ( big band size?) This is sweet, those ensemble sections will sound so phat with saxes, bones, trumpets.. and solos- etc. Awesome man.

I have something in this vein here: if ya wanna check it out: "Second Chance"

hi-fi URL:

Thanks for the props to band size, I'm torn between using maybe six horns and trying it with a full 4/4/5 band. Most funk things I've done in the past I usually cut the track and overdub the horns, and this thing is getting complex enough I really think that will be necessary with this puppy!

I tried to listen to your example ,but my iMac wouldn't let the soundclick through ..can you post the same example here on this Forum?

Phil K
right on! I would to hear this if you end up recording with a live band...

I posted my piece in the forum, sorry u couldnt get soundclick thru itunes.. peace.

hahah Phil i just can never get enough of your wacky lines. You are like Joe Lovano on the score paper. Cant' wait to hear this performed
Thanks Chris:

this is one of several "wacky" things I'm working on for the next CD. ( I'm also balancing them out with several straight ahead things so my "fan base" -mostly old big band nuts over my own age of 70 -doesn't have the vapors :)

heres another one ...

weirdwalz is great, I am looking forward to hearing the next CD! I am working on a CD project myself with some musicians from the bay area over here- a mostly latin jazz type vibe. I woould loave to hear your feedback on it when we finish. take care man...

Hi Phil, I like your "wacky" atonal piece. It grooves and is really sophisticated harmonically speaking. I couldn´t feel the "weirdness" of atonality in it. Kind of natural developing of the groove that interacts very well with the brass band. Go ahead! I also want to hear this performed.
(New to the forum -- Hi, y'all!)

Nice. I like it muchly. My one comment would be about the various parallel melody lines. Maybe different w/ live instruments (look forward to that), but the fact that the instruments playing the melodies maintain their interval throughout the line might get a little tiring to the ear. Maybe the intervals change, at important times? Like when you land on a long note? Maybe the second time thru, for a little variety? I don't know, it's pretty cool.
Oooh, now "Wierd Walz" I really like. Very nice. Man, let us know when this stuff comes ou!
Nice tune and would probably be great fun to solo over. I didn't really get a sense of "atonality" though. However, that's a LOT harder to do than it might seem - especially with basslines. Maybe you could flip the second half of the bassline backwards each time and make a palindrome out of it. That'd "unground" it a little without really ungrounding it.
I love the horn lines, too. When it's played by "carbon-based performance units", they should try varying the volumes of the internal parts to see what changes and make it sound less like a harmonized melody line (again I'm assuming you still want an "atonal" vibe to the whole thing). I love the parallel lines in the horns! My personal preference is for "crunchier" voicings, though. But that's just me.

My only quibble is that you forgot the 22 minute unaccompanied improvised french horn solo...


Can't wait to hear this played live! Beautiful writing

AAMOF, the "bass line" ostinato is sort of a place marker thing I laid down just to have something to work with. By the time this thing gets further along, the bottom end will undergo a lot off development ..

As to the horn solo, do you prefer pitch sets ..or merely some Allan Forte numerical
srings ? :)

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