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I have posted my piece Islay Symphonic poem here before (about a year ago). But the last time it was a Youtube link, but now it's on the videos page on this site. The sound quality here is far better than Youtube.

There are issues with it - the articulations should be much further tweaked, and the clarinet should take a break from the melody. I'm still a relative beginner in terms of DAW mixing, etc.

But for those who are new to this site since the last time - do you like it, etc ?

It tries to capture the history and beauty of the Scottish island of Islay.



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Thank you for your kind comments.

In fact the music came first, and it was put together as an amalgamation of two melodies that were originally intended to be songs. My method for working was (and is) to choose a song that I don't know, but whose lyrics I like. I then try to make up my own melody to fit the words. The song that I re-fitted was a Victorian one from an old songbook I found in Scotland. The main tunes in the piece you hear are my verse and chorus for the song

It is my belief that a good melody will work irrespective of context - if it's a good melody, it can be used for a song or classical music. I made the switch to classical in this case, shortly after buying EWQL orchestra as a sample set.

Then I aimed to bind the two "songs" , now instrumentals, together like a sonata, complete with a coda, too. After completing the music, and only at this stage, I decided to match the mood to my holiday video of of an inspiring location. Then I tried to match the scenes to the moods in the music - eg. the majestic stone crosses with majestic music.

You are right about the thing in the car - it's a little soap trinket from India that is supposed to make the car smell nice - but it did get in the way.

thanks again


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