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Hello composers, I would like to get your feedback about the short piano and orchestra pieces uploaded into my profile here (see the audio list).

My composition method is improvising and then editing a piano-roll notation: re-timing, re-orchestration, repetition, transposition etc, clarifying the mood expressed during the improvisation. The musical form sometimes appears in a subconscious way, with a natural development of the mood.

Especially interesting for me is to get your feedback about the tragic piece "Jerusalem. Andante Molto Apassionato". Hope you will enjoy the listening and give me your comments.

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Thank you so much for the good words Anne. I have uploaded some other pieces, including "August Symphony: Large Symphony-Concerto for Vibraphone, Piano, Harpsichord, Human Voice and String Orchestra" (7 parts, 45 min), which was extracted from a single 1.5 hour improvisation. In these tracks everything is atonal but not serial-based. Hope some people of this forum will enjoy the listening...

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