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Hi there
I thought this looked like the right place to post to get some feedback on my recent piano concerto. I'm not sure however how to make the link to my homepage so I've just uploaded it to there today. I would be most grateful if anyone is prepared to listen to it (or indeed some of it as it 20 minutes or so) and provide feedback however critical. Many thanks for your consideration.
Kind regards

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Hi Anne
Thank you very much for your comprehensive assessment of my work. Of course you are entitled to make that, at the end of the day it's 'the 'listener' whoever it may be, that music is written for, and opinions will always 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder' so to speak.

I therefore value your comments greatly. However you will see that I've started a thread about musical form. I don't beleive in 'following the form book' in terms of writing. but to write in a free fashion in terms of what is satisfying to the composer (unless of course you're writing a commision).

I agree with your First movement thoughts......It is the first orchestral type piece I have written and one of difficult things to master through software was getting a good dynamic range from the instruments and the balance between piano and orchestra. By the time I was coming to grips with that the first movement was written so I was limited in what I could do about it. As you've noted, by the 3rd movement as was a little more offay with the techniques of using the software.

I'm not sure i can agree that it's predictable.....certainlt in temrs of some of the keys changes and chord progressions.....but interestingly that's lnoy what it sounds to me...and I'm interested that you found it so.

For the second movement. I was not particulalry looking forward to writing a slow movement but it actually provided greater satisfaction than the first.....probably because, as you've said there is opportunity to do more with the dynamics and expression, and gave the opportunity to explore more of the software sample capabilities.

The third provided me with the ultimate actually finish writing 'a concerto' and I perhaps enjoyed that most of all.....except that I wanted to get to the the time I was there.....if you know what I mean.

Anyway, thank you again for your thoughtful evaluation.......and I will certainly bear you comments in mind when undertaking my next 'classical' orchestral piece........In the meantime I've justed started an arrangement of Christmas music for a friend in a String Octet......another novel combination I've never written for......lets just hope I can get it done by this

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