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Hi All
Would welcome any feedback from the 'classical' crowd on my new Gloria. Thought I'd try out the Wordbuilder VST that works with EWQL Symphonic Choirs. It was written 'post competition' for a choir following poor entries that they couldn't use....(and I couldn't enter as a family member)......more's the pity. Please enjoy at
or on my homepage

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Thank you both for your praise..........I am so pleased to get some feedback.....but for it to be so good I am astounded. Thank you. It was a challenge I am just completing in terms of printing out the score to send off to the choir for whom I wrote it specifically. I must unfortunately give them first refusal to use it for performance in the first instance, but if they don't wish to perform it, or indeed when they have, then I will try to get it published professionally.
Soundwrxs thank you....have just had a listen to your tracks on site and like them very much. I like the ambient nature of them and the ease with which you can carried away by the music. Do you record the guitar sounds live or do you use samples too. I find it hard to get a good guitar sample that sounds realistic without lots of programming.
For you Anne.....just bear with me while I get a response from them and I will willingly send you a full copy if you would like me to, or I can send the Sibelius file if you have the capacity to print it out. I've just listened to your Words of Reverence.....very nice harmonies.....I think it would be particularly well supported by some orchestral accompaniment. Would love to hear your mass when you've done far through have you got with it. I've not thought about extending the Gloria yet.....I need to get the third movement of my recent Piano Concerto scored before anything else as I got sidetracked writing the choral work. Still......all ina lifetime's work I suppose.
Thanks again for your so complimentary reviews.
Again, I must say the Gloria piece is very solid. Also, this is the first time I've ever heard choir samples this realistic, so I'm amazed, man. Wordbuilder sings out nicely!
Hi Per-Erik
I apologise that I did not reply to your very useful and thoughful comments earlier. I have not managed to get online much recently and just want you to know that I certainly value all feedback which is very gratefully received.

Regarding the downlading ability, someone esle has set this up for me so I need to explore and change the settings I think to make it downloadable.

I agree with your perception that the short repetitive passages are difficult to get to sound very realistic. I have noticed that the velocity settings make quite a difference,. Without altering them you do tend to get an emphasis where you don't always want it and when the same word is repeated this is what gives it that 'false' feel.....particularly in the Gloria when they sing "DO mine DO mine".

I have just sent it off to the 'real' choir for evaluation and am waiting to hear back to see if they would like to perform it.

Thank you again for listening....and for the 4/5.......I will get over to your site and have a listen to some of your music as soon as possible.
Kind regards
Excellent Gloria. Extremely dramatic, quite breathtaking. The choir is impressively realistic. I don’t see why your ‘real’ choir would not love to perform it. I used to sing in choirs (and on stage in Operettas) and I would have been very happy to have had the chance to be in this.

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