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Seeking producer or promoter for my two original modern operas

I am an unpublished composer who is, rather idealistically, seeking a producer, or least the opportunity to talk to one. But, perhaps more realistically, I am looking for someone with the social skills to promote my work to producers, studios, and anyone else in "the biz". This would be a paid position. What I have in compositional ability I lack in self-promoting skill, so those are the specific qualities I'm looking for in a personal agent, an outgoing individual who knows how to pitch new music to those with the professional power to produce it. All questions are welcome.

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hehehe welcome to our club ;-)
Ya, seriously! I'm getting the picture... :) I guess I need to compose some other things -- for anyone who will have me -- first, for the sake of eventually getting my name out there.
So, let's make it official everyone: "WILL COMPOSE FOR FOOD"!

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